thatcher joe and caspar lee — May 28, 2015

thatcher joe and caspar lee

i absalutly LOVE youtubers and youtube vloggers and things like that

these are my fav ones

olli white, caspar lee, joe sugg, zoe sugg, joe weller, calfreezy, troye sivan (and the rest of that youtube circle)

my all time fav video is this one

chek it out and sub to them!


Who are we? —
hellllooooo world! —

hellllooooo world!

katie-leigh here! this is mine and emilias blog. me and emilia are school friends and we have the same friends and are interested in the same kind of thing. there is also this girl called maja (but this isnt her blog) she might be featured alot here as shes our best friend, and natasha! the girl with us on this pic is maja btw

welcome to our crazy world!